What We Do
Consultants and Solutions.


IT is now more than ever in demand to operate and augment one’s business. We provide a variety of solutions along with our software and will ensure you get the best fit for your business. At the very least, we will consult and work with your local IT confidently and with your interest in mind.

Performance and Security.


At the core of our technology solutions, Mortware’s development and support are our highest priorities. We are always developing new features and tools for our clients. We will to continue to do so by listening to suggestions from our clients and paying close attention to technology trends in the death care industry.

Flexible and Customizable.


Mortware provides a host of web services, first and foremost is our Mcloud service. Access Mortware from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Along with the Mcloud, we also provide remote backup, email Exchange and website development services including hosting and SEO.

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